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How to Use Best Sunscreen High Protection

How to Use Best Sunscreen High Protection

Use Best Sunscreen High Protection
Use Best Sunscreen High Protection

During the hot sun, Best Sunscreen is an indispensable item. If you forget to apply sunscreen on your body, don't forget to apply on the face. Because in addition to helping protect the skin from the sun Do not let the skin become dull, black and broken. And not premature wrinkles Also reduces the risk of skin cancer as well.

But will not be of any benefit If we buy good, expensive sunscreen, UV protection, SPF and PA are high, but not used correctly. Because in addition to protecting the skin from being hurt and reduce the risk of skin cancer, not like mind Also consumes sunscreen by the reason.

Most people are usually protected from the sun's SPF with only 40% of the amount specified in the package. Because most people use sunscreen incorrectly.

How to Use Sunscreen is Incorrect?

Did you know that the manufacturers of sunscreen monitor SPF in their sunscreen by applying the cream on the skin with a dose of 2 mg per square centimeter? If applying too little sunscreen May cause the skin to not be protected with SPF as specified on the packaging, Therefore, be sure to apply adequate sunscreen coating every time you use it.

Forget to Apply Sunscreen Repeatedly:

Sunscreen is divided into 2 main types, namely Chemical Sunscreen and Physical Sunscreen. By observing the differences easily at the ingredients (if there is no Zinc oxide or Titanium dioxide, then guess it is Chemical.

If using the Chemical Sunscreen, do not forget to apply sunscreen repeatedly every 2 hours for effective skin protection. But the Chemical Sunscreen has cautioned. If it is too high an SPF may result in oxidation of the skin causing more heat to the skin. And may cause irritation and easily deteriorated.

The physical sunscreen can be applied to the sun immediately without having to apply again throughout the day.

Endure Using Expired Sunscreen:

Many people buy sunscreen for use, some do not use it until one can use it for years. Until he forgot to check it out now or continue to use it because it is a shame May is not as effective in protecting the skin from sunscreen as possible Because the skin protection from the sun may already be in good condition, Therefore, should use a sunscreen that has been purchased as a bottle to use sunscreen regularly. Wait for the expiration date of the cream. And don't regret it if it expires.

However, in addition to sunscreen, The best way to help the skin is not dry, damaged, dark, wrinkles and far from skin cancer. Is to avoid prolonged sun exposure in the shade as much as possible If needing to be exposed to the sun for a long time Should wear long-sleeved clothes, long legs Wear a hat that protects them skin from direct sunlight.

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