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US Update Method Exercise to Strengthen Muscles

US Update Method Exercise to Strengthen Muscles


The exercise, whether it's cardio. Or magic lift (lifting magic) is good for the body too Because of it helps increase the strength of the heart and muscles in various parts Keep the body healthy both inside and outside, in addition to getting good shape and also reduces the risk of many dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart and blood vessels and also helps to adjust the mood and better overall quality of life.

The Department of Health Federal Issue new exercise guidelines for everyone to try and follow together for better health in the right way. And to make the exercise more effective for the body, like how it is or is different from what has been done.

Guidelines for "Exercise" That Will Make the Muscles Strong:

Move more Sit Less Choose a posture to exercise that focuses on moving the body rather than being still. Exercise focusing on body movement will help you shorten your exercise time to achieve the desired results. In addition, sitting in front of the computer It's not good for the body. Should get up and walk and stretch every 1 hour.

Body movement Or have activities to use the body all the time Giving the body more benefits than sitting or lying still all day and then exercising once for 10 minutes.

Light exercise and choose cardio (cardio) and muscle exercises Alternating each day. Young people will benefit from exercise differently from the elderly. Children of primary school will make Growth Hormones work more efficiently.

Help the bones and the muscles become stronger Including the health of the coronary artery is also improved for adults who exercise to balance the body Reduce the risk of injury, balance well and do various activities. Can be better with a single person.

How Much Exercise Should We Take?

Actually, the intensity or intensity of each person's exercise is not the same. Depends on age, sex, muscle strength, congenital disease, and others You should exercise at least 30 minutes consecutively.

Children before school or 3-5 years of age should play sports and do various activities. With a play and intervals between 3 consecutive hours.

Children aged 6-17 years old should exercise 1 hour per day at least 3 times a week. By focusing on exercises that focus on bones and strong muscles.

Adults should exercise at least 1.30-3 hours per week. For a light aerobic exercise for 1.15-1.30 hours for heavy aerobic exercise and exercise to strengthen muscles for 2 days a week.

Pregnant Can exercise light aerobics Reach the middle level 1.30 hours per week. If it is an intensive exercise every minute Should not exercise continuously for more than 1.30 hours because it may cause the body to become too tired and dangerous to the muscles and may faint, exhausted, unconscious.

People with routine diseases related to the heart, lungs, and others, including those with disabilities Should consult a doctor before exercising in order to plan the exercise to suit their own body specifically.

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