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6 Tips for Cooling the Temperature Range of 40 Degrees

6 Tips for Cooling the Temperature Range of 40 Degrees

Tips for Cooling the Temperature

Cooling Temperature: The hot air that almost fry the fever cooked in our house now causing many people do not want to step outside the air-conditioned room but people have to travel around, go to work, run errands or maybe have to work outdoors for hours. Even sitting idle in the house is still hot until the sweat absorbs the back. How will we survive from this hot weather? Let's see the secret (not) tips that snoop! Health will leave each other.

Carry Drinking Water:

During this time, you may need to have a big bag. Because of the need to save many hot items but there are no pieces that are not as bad as this, that is, drinking water, the body that loses a lot of sweat is often lacking water both tiredness, heat, thirst, causing many patients to become unconscious and also risking dehydration as well especially those who have to stay outdoors for a long time so the space in the bag is left to give a bottle of potable water.

Cool Cloth + Mobile Fan:

Whenever outside the house having to do activities outside the building for a long time, having a cold towel or a wet tissue wipe over the face and neck before turning on the mobile fan. This time, it was cool for several minutes.

Spray or Face Spray:

In addition to the cold towel, if there is a mist, can be injected during the day can choose to buy spray or face spray can be found at cosmetics shops or supermarket, general cosmetics zone if a woman makeup there is a spray that helps control oil. And provide lasting cosmetics to choose from as for men, do not worry about using it? Because there is a mineral water spray that doesn't need makeup. Or choose a cold spray to spray the body odor as well.

Choose to Wear Airy Clothes Fabric Heats Well:

Just thin fabric is not enough because some fabrics do not mean that it will heat well. Should choose clothes made from linen, cotton, wave pattern cotton (seersucker), chambray or denim fabric of the summer, the grayish blue of this type of cloth is often chosen to make shirts instead of denim. Thick, etc.

In addition, avoid tight clothing. And turned to wear a bright line, like a shirt, size, big flared pants, avoid wearing multiple layers of clothing and choose light colors more than dark, especially black, because it will suck more heat makes us feel hotter.

Ice Compress On the Pulse:

The method may be a bit strange, but it can be effective if you feel very hot. Try to take cool items such as ice or a glass of cold drink bottles. Come to the point where the pulse can be measured, such as blood vessels, wrists, necks, crooks, elbows, ankles, groin, etc. Will make the body feel amazingly cool.

Wearing a UV Umbrella Sunscreen Every time:

The last way is to protect yourself from the sun. The main cause of hot weather in addition to helping to reduce the temperature of the sunlight from our skin also helps prevent our skin from UV light harm an important factor that causes dry, damaged, dull skin, premature aging and also important to reduce the risk of skin cancer as well if you need to work in the sun for a long time don't forget to wear a hat. Wearing long sleeves, long legs protect your skin from direct sunlight.

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