Tuesday, June 25, 2019

4 Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Home

4 Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Home


There are many weight loss tips for each person to choose from. Both basic tips like eating (Especially carbohydrates) to add more fruits and vegetables and less exercise, more advanced approach to eating at Quito's new or workout with HIIT.

But for the US who are famous for their innovative and strange ways to lose weight, they want to recommend that we do it together.

Choose to Eat Dinner More Than Hot Rice:

In carbohydrate foods like steamed rice, there will be "Resistance Starch" or starch resistance. Which will benefit people who are controlling weight Because of this sub-resistance starch gives low energy Resistant to being digested by enzymes and not absorbed in the small intestine Therefore has the equivalent of dietary fiber Can pass through the colon to help strengthen the colon wall cells as well and in cold rice, there will be more resistance to this digestion than hot rice.

Besides rice Anyone who likes line foods such as ramen, soba or noodles in our house If choosing to eat cold, it is better So choose to eat dry noodles instead of water noodles.

Eat Protein for Breakfast:

Both experts suggest that Should eat protein from breakfast because of proteins such as meat help to improve the body's metabolism. Helps to stimulate fat burning as well.

In addition, the meat we eat Is a favorite of many people. Helps to stimulate us to feel full Until we want less food, the amount of food that is eaten after that will be less.

 Makes The Neck Area "Cold" Often:

This method is considered strange but effective. The deputy director of the clinic, Ginza, says that the neck near the scapula and the clavicle will have adipose cells. This fat cell creates heat to burn fat. Then it will be less as the age increases.

How to help the adipose cells return to work well Needing to use cold to help Dr. Hibino use a bottle of water to soak the refrigerator When you want to use it. Time to use to graft parts from the neck down to the left and right clavicle areas.

Place Grapefruit in The Room:

The strangest way of all means is to put "grapefruit" in the grapefruit room. Citrus family fruit is a close relative of our grapefruit but not the same (Caused by a combination of grapefruit and citrus fruit, another type called Sweet Orange) based on research at Osaka University (An experiment done with rats) found that the smell of grapefruit Will help to break down fat and help suppress appetite by many doctors, therefore putting grapefruit in the house and office.

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