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How to Lose Weight for Long Term Results?

How to Lose Weight for Long Term Results?

Lose Weight for Long Term

Have been reduced and the weight has returned to the same extent? That may be because we are not reducing the correct way. Because if you lose weight correctly in addition to the weight will not change at the same time quickly. Do not bounce back to the old, even if eating the same food. Plus, not being shabby, not suffering and having a healthier body.

How to Lose Weight for Long Term Results?

As many People should know that diet control and exercise Is the most effective weight loss method First, before giving the weight to a satisfactory level for a long time Must have reduced the weight to the criteria first.

Simple tips to lose weight:

Starting from eating starchy foods, sugar, and high-fat foods for less May begin by halving first, after 2 weeks, gradually decreasing again until it is at the right amount, such as from eating 4 ladles, decreasing to 2 ladles, when passing 2 weeks, decreasing to 1 ladle, or if attached to the drink Sweet from 2 cups a day, a glass a day Then reduce 2-3 cups a week until gradually reduce, change to not drink sweet drinks at all, etc.

Substitute food that is reduced with other foods. In order not to be hungry Which can be chosen as complex carbohydrates such as reducing white rice instead of brown rice Eat low-fat protein instead of reduced rice. Eat fruits instead of sweets etc.

Find time to exercise, focus on cardio, such as running, cycling, aerobics, swimming or playing various sports at least 30 minutes per time, 3-5 times a week.

Calmly give time to the body to gradually adjust Do not overdo exercise until dizzy. Let the body gradually Reduce weight by 1 kilogram per week. Don't be faster than that.

  • Don't forget to drink enough water each day.
  • Keeping the same weight for a long time.

When able to lose weight until at a satisfactory level (In normal Not too obese or too thin If not overweight or use fasting methods Maintaining a constant weight is not difficult. But if you feel the weight gradually Back up when eating again Should follow.

  • Eat as many vegetables as you can. In every meal, must have vegetables.
  • Choose to eat only freshly prepared food. Do not eat foods that are processed through various methods such as instant noodles, ham sausage, shredded pork, canned food, etc.
  • Cooking food at home Choose better ingredients, ingredients and cooking methods.
  • Avoid or reduce trans-fat foods, add sugar (not natural sugars) and simple carbohydrates such as white rice, etc.

Maintain the balance of food each day I always knew that I was eating today, eating nothing more than what I should eat but still not eating. (Registering a notebook or mobile phones can help), for example, if today eat nectar like pearl milk tea already Should not eat again If today eat foods that are high in fat Dinner must focus on vegetables. And low-fat proteins etc.

Always keep exercising Even if they lose weight but may divide the time to focus more on training magic Instead of focusing on the cardio like the beginning, such as lifting weights, using a player in a fitness center that is specific to yoga, etc.

The thing to remember is always When losing weight until being satisfied Things that have been done all the time should not be stopped, for example, should not return to eat 4 ladles as before. Or eat pearl milk tea every day as before We should continue to control the food we eat. Just keep the balance of food for good.

Eat every meal in every meal, there are 5 food groups, focusing on fruits, vegetables, more than flour and sugar. (But still eating and the sugar Just focuses on complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, and exercise Ensure that the weight does not return to worry again.

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