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Heal Wounds Fast Home Remedies

Heal Wounds Fast Home Remedies

Even dormant Feel tortured Is a wound that many people should have been together and recognize the suffering of this wound in the mouth as well Some people are frequent. Some people are not.

Causes of Hot Wounds:

Aphtha’s Ulcers or Mouth Ulcers are symptoms of mild mucous membranes within the mouth. Sometimes the inflammation is quite deep. The area where the wound can be seen throughout the mouth Whether it is a bulge, cheek, palate, gums, tongue, etc. There are many causes such as Immunity in the body has changed, such as the period in which the hormones in the body have changed.

  • Stressed.
  • Drink too little water.
  • Not enough rest.

There are pressure ulcers or friction from dentures that are too loose. Or braces do not fit the teeth etc.

  • How to Cure Heat Wounds Quickly?
  • Rinse mouth with salt water every 2 hours or after every meal.
  • Avoid alcoholic mouthwash. Because it will cause a hot wound in irritation and too tight.
  • Choose to use a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day or after eating.

If there is a large and deep heat ulcer that is very painful Can use a clean cloth with a fingertip Wiping teeth, gums, and teeth, instead of temporary toothbrushes.

  • Choose to use a toothpaste containing fluoride. To prevent tooth decay.
  • Choose foods that are soft, chewable, easy to digest.
  • Avoid fried foods, spicy foods (sour, salty, spicy).
  • Avoid foods that are cold and hot.
  • Abstain from food and things that cause irritation in the mouth, such as alcohol, cigarettes, betel nut, etc.
  • Drink fruit juice without extracting to prevent constipation That may occur during a variety of eating or eating a lot of fruits and vegetables from sore sores in.
  • Get enough sleep at least 6 hours per night.
  • Daily exercise 30 minutes - 1 hour, at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Drink enough water Czech from urine color Drink water until the urine is pale yellow.
  • Try to reduce stress by finding activities that are like doing to divert attention from stressful matters.
  • If the wound is quite large and not getting better after doing all the methods Should see a doctor to consider the wound to heal more quickly.
  • Should know about the treatment of heat ulcers or mouth ulcers.

There is no medical a report confirming that bitter medication Will help heal hot wounds in and when there is a hot wound in or ulcers that cause inflammation in the lips Do not use Yen Asian Violet (Gentian Violet or Purple) because it will make the lips crack drier. And the wound is even more different.

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