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Does Drinking Coffee Damage Your Skin

Does Drinking Coffee Damage Your Skin

Does Drinking Coffee Damage Your Skin

Caffeine, whatever the reason Can make you reach out to grab a small cup of coffee to drink every day (Some days may be more than 1 glass) Drinking coffee every day destroys our health or not. And how do we have to drink coffee comfortably?

Coffee Stimulates Nerve Function from Caffeine:

That many people name for drinking coffee in addition to the fragrant, seductive fragrance and the taste is unique Probably because of the effects of caffeine that makes you awake and refreshed in a short period of time. Make you concentrate on learning more Work more fluently The brain works faster. If you can't imagine how much it can stimulate your nervous system Try to think of energy drinks that athletes or truck drivers like to drink together. These drinks also contain caffeine. (More than coffee as well) and there are lots of sugar.

There are also caffeinated beverages as well. But maybe slightly less than coffee, such as tea, cocoa, soft drinks, etc.

Caffeine Drink to Fit Before Destroying Health Later:

Drinking caffeinated beverages must drink the right amount. Because if drinking too much caffeine May increase the risk for us to "sleep", which if you can't sleep Make your next morning not bright Less Energetic, in addition, it is found in some cases that are more resistant to the effects of caffeine than the average person, such as drinking coffee, heart palpitations, strong heartbeat, cold hands, sweating.

Where is the Fit in Coffee Drinking?

It can be difficult to determine the number of caffeinated beverages like coffee and others to the same standard. Because each person can withstand the effects of caffeine not equal Some people can drink coffee before bedtime, while still able to sleep comfortably. Some people drink cold tea.

Only a few green teas can be shaken or cannot sleep. Therefore, to find the "appropriate" the amount for drinking, looking for factoring and other caffeinated beverages Therefore must be "try" to shift the volume by gradually increasing the number of drinks or change the drink indefinitely to the point of feeling bad, stop and remember what kind of caffeine drink we can tolerate.

Don't forget that finding the right amount of coffee for yourself Should start from very low to very slowly. Do not hurry and observe the symptoms that happen to yourself throughout the day.

How to Drink Coffee Do Not Destroy Health?

  • Choose black coffee instead of coffee, add sugar, cream, etc. We can add coffee. But we don't stick to sugar.
  • Do not drink coffee after two o'clock in the afternoon. (Or afternoon If your body is very sensitive to caffeine) because there is a risk that the effects of caffeine can cause insomnia during the night.
  • Drink coffee with breakfast Will cause the body to absorb caffeine slowly and can act for a long time without the need to add espresso shots or increase the amount of glass.
  • Choose good quality coffee. To get the most benefit from coffee.

Dangers of Caffeine Disorders:

  • If you drink coffee or many caffeinated beverages Glass, still not feeling energetic, alert or not helping to get lost That's not a good sign. Because you may enter caffeine.
  • If you do not drink caffeine and feel a headache, drowsiness, fatigue, and nausea You may be addicted to caffeine too.
  • Or if you feel restless, insomnia, heartbeat after drinking more coffee than ever before drinking You may also risk caffeine poisoning as well.

Early Symptoms of People Who Are Addicted to Caffeine:

So do not drink coffee until dangerous If such symptoms should stop drinking immediately and may seek medical advice to find the best solution, such as like coffee flavor but allergic to caffeine Then choose to drink Deaf, which removes caffeine or choose another way to feel refreshed in the morning, such as adequate rest, etc.

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