Friday, June 21, 2019

How to Take Care of Yourself From Flu in 24 hours

How to Take Care of Yourself From Flu in 24 hours

If waking up with a rugged body, when the coughing or sneezing looks like you are hit by a cold fever! How do you feel better before you go to bed again? Follow the instructions to take care of yourself in this way.

8 O'clock: Diagnose The Disease by Yourself:

If not sure whether to stop work or not Try to find the thermometers to measure. If the temperature is above 37.5 degrees, coughing or dizziness should call the office. Persecuted Maybe sick in the long term Adequate rest today Will help you work 100% the next day.

9 O'clock: Drink A Lot:

Keeping the body hydrated by drinking water It is a good starting point to treat the flu, may start the day with orange juice. Or 2-3 vitamin C tablets, followed by drinking lots of water Vitamin C helps strengthen the body's immunity. And don't forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day Water helps eliminate waste from the body. Even more, if there is a lot of fever and sweating Should compensate for the loss of body water and even if there is a migraine already The lack of water will make you feel worse.

10 O'clock: Take Medicine to Suppress Symptoms:

If needing to rely on paracetamol or barren, it can help reduce fever better. Plus, it also prevents you from lacking more water. And these drugs also stimulate the immune system to help fight more germs So eat this medicine in the morning. And repeated every 4 hours.

Honest: Eat Light Food:

You need to compensate for the vitamins lost to the body. Try boiled rice with chicken or chicken soup. Chicken protein helps build immunity. Put a lot of onions. It helps to alleviate the infection. Get rid of toxins in the body well or easily. Just eat bananas. Because there is potassium to help strengthen the body's immune system. If it is good, sip ginger juice with honey as well. Because ginger has properties to reduce fever Help relieve cough The more you inhale the hot steam of new brewed ginger juice The airway will clear up. But if you can't find ginger juice, sip hot green tea. Can be replaced as well.

3 O'clock In The Afternoon: Open Your Eyes to Wake Up:

Even if you want to rest but if sleeping all day, it can easily be bothered at night. So just a short sleep About 40 minutes is enough because you may enter the deep sleep afterward. And ensure that you wake up dizzy.

5 Pm: Walk A Little:

If you start to feel better and try to walk for 10 minutes in the evening, walking gently will help your body function better. You will feel better soon, walking close to just a mini-mart at the corner of the street. And then buy milk to wash the box.

7pm: Can Go to Sleep:
Go to bed quickly but not over 1 hour of time when you go to bed normally to maintain the same the routine at the same time, he feels that he has slept well for at least 8 hours because his body needs to produce Growth Hormones. To help heal the body.

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