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7 Ways to Prevent Depression and Anxiety Attacks

7 Ways to Prevent Depression and Anxiety Attacks

7 Ways to Prevent Depression

Have you ever noticed? People around you now have at least 1 person who is sick. Before awareness, nobody was familiar with this disease. Because he thinks that it is far away and viewed as a disease of people with mental symptoms, but in fact, depression is closer than expected Especially people in urban society.

Depression is easier than in the past. Because of social pressure in many ways, including working outdoors Good Leadership Being a good lover or even being a good mother These all make "women" have more accumulated stress. Until it can lead to depression.

If found in the last 1-2 weeks, you have emotional and mental disorders. Thairath Women recommends that you should take care of yourself early. To prevent yourself from being depression.

Depression is Closer Than You Think:

Dr. Kitikan Thanudom, Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital explained that depression is a disorder with emotional disorders. People with depression Will be sad or wearier and longer than usual Usually every day A period of at least two weeks.

Such emotions affect everyday behavior such as not interested in activities that have been interested in, eating less, insomnia, feeling tired, easily tired, without concentration, feeling bad, less confident, looking at the negative things around and the severe condition is that there is a desire to die.

If you suspect that you or someone close to you are at risk of depression Psychiatrists are also the most important tool for diagnosis. By interviewing, taking history and assessing symptoms with the mental examination.

What Causes "Depression" Caused?

The cause of depressive disorders are caused by physical, biological aspects, such as unbalanced brain chemicals. Some physical illness Use of certain drugs or drugs Can cause depression symptoms as well.

Psychological aspects such as adaptive skills to problems Stress management and personality. In addition, social factors such as the loss of people close to stress. Or have chronic illness etc.

Depression is not a serious disease. Not translated as a psychotic person or a mental disorder is a disease that can be cured by taking medication for depression or drugs to adjust the chemicals in the brain The mental part Should have a conversation with someone close to Looking for help or ways to solve new problems Should draw family or close people to participate in Including changing the environment, etc.

Symptom Survey "Depression" Introduction:

If anyone is not sure that they have symptoms of Is "depression" or not? I try to do a preliminary test to see. If there is a risk, he will be treated early. So let's check whether you have symptoms of depression or not?

  • Feeling sad, gloomy, frustrated, worried, uneasy
  • Lack of attention to what he had lived in the past
  • Weight loss or increase The appetite changes
  • Can't sleep or sleep more than usual
  • Feel hopeless Felt that he was worthless
  • No concentration, fatigue, fatigue, no strength
  • Think of death and wanted to kill himself

If you have many symptoms like this and have these symptoms for more than 2 weeks. You may be "depression"

How to Handle Sadness, Prevent "Depression”?

Learn to Accept Yourself:

Practice to explore yourself, learn more about yourself. And practice accepting what they are Both advantages and disadvantages in order to help you cope with the disappointing situation Know to thank yourself and always show your pride. When doing good things Life has gone up. Just dealing with it, you will be more comfortable.

Laugh a Lot:

When suffering Should bring yourself to something that makes you feel like watching a funny movie or read funny stories or talk to friends in a funny, fun story To help relieve stress Can help ease the suffering in the heart quite well.

3. Drain the Feeling:

Should learn to find ways to release feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment or regret Because depression is often caused by the suppression of emotions We can do it by talking to trusted people, shouting or crying out loud. Or write feelings in the notebook.

4. Exercise:

Exercise helps to resist "Depression" can be achieved because of the exercise increases the chemical level "serotonin" in the brain and increases the release of endorphins that help relax and improve mood. It also helps to improve other health.

5. Going Out:

Did you know? Travel is considered a "good medicine" for people with depression. Because it is an escape from the original environment That makes you feel tired, sad, bored, etc. changed into a new environment that is more vibrant, more powerful Saw new things New culture, new people. These things will help relieve stress. And relieves sadness as well.


If there is any stress or a story that makes me sad Must try to flick those feelings away and then go find something to do that creates meditation practice like hobbies can help, such as planting trees, drawing, painting, cooking, embroidery, etc.

7. Positive Thinking:

Optimism Can help reduce anxiety Which may start from practicing thinking in a positive angle Practice looking at various subjects Around in a positive angle Practice looking at others in a positive light. And recognize other people If possible, it will definitely fulfill the happiness of your life. And don't forget that you are not alone in the world Don't forget family and friends. You can open your heart and talk to them at any time.

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