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11 Healthy Tips Longevity of US People

11 Healthy Tips Longevity of US People

Why do US people have only longevity? Because it can be seen by the news or various items That US people are considered above average age in other countries 90-year-old grandmother can walk comfortably Some people still have good skin. Why are US people who are healthier than others? We come to unlock their secrets.

First Eat:

Delicious food Must look good US people pay more attention to decorating food before eating. The appearance of food is appetizing Makes us more appetizing Also get a variety of food to eat.

Put A Small Container:

Notice that US food containers are usually small. And dividing each type of food clearly, There are many choices to eat. Both dry food or food that is a soup of fresh, fried foods, in addition to eating a variety of cooked food Research from The University of Illinois also stated that People often eat 45% more food when served on a large container. Because it may accidentally scoop the food into the plate more than before So if putting a small container Also helps us to eat less.

Eat Only 80%:

Not trying to eat until full too much in every meal Like having the body become accustomed to less satiety Similar to reducing the size of the stomach to feel full faster Instead of being accustomed to the fullness of the stomach, Therefore, each US food is divided into several small bowls and not served in too much quantity. By eating only in their own set.

Eat 5 Vegetables:

Vegetables served as side dishes in US food sets Often a variety of vegetables, including, we will eat up to 1 type of vegetables in one meal. Therefore, eating many kinds of vegetables can result in the body getting more nutrients.

Eat Vegetables First:

Starting a meal with vegetables first Just like the westerners will eat the salad first as the first dish. Then follow with the main dish that is protein and carbohydrates, Will make the stomach more easily digest food from the enzymes contained in vegetable Help reduce the speed of receiving sugar into the bloodstream and also helps to reduce the swelling of the body when eating foods that are high in sodium as well.

Choose Fish Rather than Red Meat:

It can be seen that US people like to eat fish very much as a life. Fish is a low-fat protein. (Depending on the type of fish but most of the fat is still less than other meats) and US people also like to cook fish with grilled, steamed methods as well Therefore is a good quality protein.

Fermented Food That Helps in Excretion:

In addition to pickled vegetables served alongside the main dish to add flavor and then greasy There are other fermented foods such as miso sauce, tofu, etc. That help increases good microorganisms for the digestive system. And helps to make the digestive system more effective as well.

Nuts are Good for Health:

US people like to eat food made from beans. Whether it is tofu US soybeans and also like to drink soy milk as well Bean protein is a healthy protein as well.

Fruits After Meals On a Regular Basis:

When we walked into the US Shop and order food as set After full of savory food Often end up with seasonal fruits served every time Makes us confident in that meal Will receive truly 5 nutrients.

Green Tea, Antioxidant Source:

Should have heard that green tea that US people like There are many healthy nutrients. And also full of antioxidants that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and also make the skin glow and firm but if drinking green tea to get full benefits Should be the best green tea without sugar.

Sweets That Are Not Sweet:

Actually, US sweets with sweet flavors are available. But if noticed Will see that there are many popular desserts that are not very sweet as well, such as US cakes that are known as cakes that are not too sweet, filling that the ingredients of the filling are not sweet Too much too.

If we bring these ideas of US food to use with Thai food menu Will help us to eat healthier foods as well.

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